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Branding and Creative Direction



Breinfuel, a healthy energy beverage brand, had a unique opportunity to update their packaging before launching in brick and mortar stores nationwide. With a small, but loyal client base already formed, altering the logo too significantly wasn't an option. The new color palette, inspired by the 90's, gave it an updated energizing feel. Benefit/ingredient callouts were simplified and white space was used to draw the consumers attention to what's important. The new high-contrast bottle stands out amongst its competitors on store shelves. Social media content moved towards catching the viewers attention by utilizing unique visuals, which aided in turning traditionally dry subjects (like science and ingredients) into engaging educational material.


Branding and Creative Consulting

Fields discussed with me their plans of building the very first Cannary, where they plan to grow cannabis, process, retail, manage a restaurant/lounge, and event space all in one location. However, most of the locations within the property likely will have their own unique names and branding. With that, the challenge was to create the parent brand that had personality, but one that had neutrality enough to add components from the child brands on top of it. We started with a beautiful neutral palette. The main colors are Outer Space and Seashell, not quite black or white, but colors occurring in nature. A bold logo was chosen to match the bold undertaking of opening the first Cannary, but the curvature and connectedness mirrors their approachability and commitment to community. The font, Britannica, was chosen for its balance of being bold, unique, but legible.




The Betweener packaging is inspired by artisan cocktails, originally positioned as a hydration beverage to aid in hydration and prevent hangovers. The matte black background and hand drawn mimic a chalk board, while the font pairings contain a mix of rustic and script to give it an approachable but "craft cocktail" feel. The Betweener tone of voice is modeled off the person who is a realist, but likes to have fun. It is matter of fact, casual, and irreverent utilizing dry humor and sarcasm.

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